• 3 of My Favorite Things at Clay Café Studios

    Customers often say to me “This must be a fun place to work” or “You seem like you really like your job.” I always reply “yes” to both of those statements. As I reflect on my 18 years at Clay Café Studios, let me share with you 3 of my favorite things about our studio.

    Creating Memories

    I absolutely love when a mom or dad brings a baby or toddler to the studio to do hand or foot prints. They often want to make a gift for a new grandparent, aunt/uncle or for themselves to mark that moment in time with their child. It’s making a memory that they will have for years. That honestly makes my heart smile. It is doesn’t hurt that I LOVE babies!


    Many people visit our studio and say they come to “relieve stress.” Often they come on their lunch hour or on their way home from work. I am honored that we can provide a respite from their jam-packed, stressful lives and a place where they feel comfortable, relaxed and can create art.

    New Pottery and New Creations

    One of my favorite tasks is unpacking a shipment of new pottery. I get so excited when the boxes come. Unwrapping carefully-chosen pieces that we hope our customers will love is like opening presents at Christmas. Truly, it feels like that! Sometimes, we even “fight” over who gets to paint a sample of a new animal or kitchenware. It’s the same feeling I get when I open the kiln and see someone’s masterpiece.

    This is just a small look behind-the-scenes at Clay Café. So next time you come in, don’t be surprised when I brag about all our new pottery. I might even try to paint your child’s hand or foot on a plate!

    Come in to the studio and see what all the fun is about! For more information about the latest products at Clay Cafe Studios visit our website or give us a call at (703) 646-6007.

  • 3 Ways to Host Fun, Creative, Art-Inspired Parties

    What Better Way to Celebrate with Friends, Family, or Co-Workers?

    Having an art-inspired party is a great idea for all ages. In addition to birthday parties for both children and adults, art-themed parties are also ideal for bridal showers and engagement parties. The bride and groom can pick out a color palette or specific pottery they would like the guests to paint for them. In addition to bridal parties, corporate groups can incorporate painting into a team-building exercise. Another option for parties are baby showers, where guests can paint baby-themed pottery for the parents-to-be and new baby.

    An art-inspired party is an enriching way to entertain your guests and to have fun, too. Just thinking about art gets the creative juices flowing and what better way to promote budding artists than to have an art-themed party. The best part is that the party guests (or honorees) will have a permanent memento of the fun time they had.

    Clay Cafe Studios’ 1 1/2-hour Party

    In our 1 1/2-hour party, guests paint about an hour and then have time for cake or other snacks. Guests choose a pottery piece to paint from hundreds of choices. We provide a party host/hostess, instruction and materials, and glazing and firing of the masterpieces once complete.

    Clay Cafe Studios’ 2-hour Party

    Do you want to eat more than just cake or snacks? Then the 2-hour party is for you. This additional 30 minutes gives you time to also have pizza.

    Catered Clay (mobile party)

    Do you want us to come to you? Would you rather have the convenience of having the party in your home? We bring everything to you (paint, pottery and brushes) and provide a party host/hostess to guide your group through the activity. This works especially well with large groups or if painting pottery is one activity in a larger event you have planned.

    Please call Gayla at (703)-646-6007 with questions or visit our website if you have my questions or would like to book a party with Clay Cafe Studios.

  • 4 Ways to Freshen Up Your Home on a Budget

    Want to give your home a fresh face without breaking the bank? Here are some ideas to illuminate your space without having to do a complete overhaul.

    Serenity and Calm

    Start by focusing on your style and the color scheme that appeals to you. If you like a monochrome palette you can add a few essential pieces in a contemporary gray and white color scheme to give your space a serene and polished feel. At Clay Cafe Studios, you can create some stunning pieces in black and white using our new pottery silkscreens in a variety of styles. A few well-placed accents such as hand-painted picture frames, vases, or table centerpieces are easy to create and can help you achieve that simple style.

    Reimagine a Room with Vibrant Colors

    Colorful accents can give your home a bold pick-me-up by using vibrant colors like tangerine or modern prints like chevron or eye-popping florals. Studio assistants at Clay Cafe Studios can help you create a few pottery items using our stamps, specialty masks, and stencils to achieve that look you are going for.

    Create a Unique Dining Experience

    Clay Cafe Studios has many unique dining pieces to paint that will help you create a dining experience that is unique and unexpected. Setting your table with some hand-decorated place settings and serving pieces can help you to create an intimate setting for entertaining and dining. A few table accents such as unusual salt and pepper shakers or a whimsical sugar bowl can help dress up a table and make ordinary dining into a new experience.

    Seaside or Island Style

    Creating your own tabletop decor following a seaside or island theme is easy at Clay Cafe Studios. This is a budget-friendly way to add a few decorative elements to your dining space and make your table explode with fresh appeal. Keep within your color scheme and add some style with personality and colorful flair. Colorful accents on the table will keep your table lively along with the dinner conversation.

    Don’t be afraid to accessorize with splashes of colorful accents in your home to freshen up your living space. Clay Cafe Studios has lots of new items and stocks the latest home-decor colors to help you liven up your home while having some fun creating unique accents.

    For more information about the latest products at Clay Cafe Studios visit our website or give us a call at
    (703) 646-6007.