• It’s Not Too Early to Start Thinking about Spring

    Yes, we know it’s still technically Winter. But don’t these warm days make you think ahead to Spring?

    We have lots of fun Spring- and Easter-themed pottery.

    Check out a few of our favorites:

    Hello Spring

    Happy Easter

    Bee Kind

    Follow the Bunny

    Chicks and Eggs

    Come see us soon at Clay Café Studios!

  • Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day

    It’s time to start planning your Valentine’s Day gifts. Don’t give another box of chocolates or tired flowers. How about a gift that lasts forever: pottery.

    Here are a few of our favorites this year:

    Handprint/Footprint Pottery


    Conversation Heart Boxes



    We have lots of creative ideas! Come see us at #ClayCafeStudios!

  • Great Ways CCS Can Make Your Holiday Bright

    It’s never too early to get started on your #handmadeholiday at #ClayCafeStudios. Painting a one-of-a-kind gift that no one else has is a true labor-of-love. Here are 3 ideas to create those special gifts:

    Personalized Ornaments and Plates

    We have hundreds of ornaments just waiting for your special touch.



    Cooper Family

    family platter

    Lighted Trees & More

    A new addition to our repertoire. Make one just like your Grandma made years ago or put your own modern spin on it. They come with light kits and colorful lights.

    Lighted Pieces

    lighted pieces

    Functional Holiday Fare

    Reindeer platters, gingerbread and snowman platters, holiday mugs and cookies for Santa plates are just a few of the things we have.

    Reindeers and Snowman





    Come in anytime and see our wonderful selection of holiday pottery.
    We are open every day (except Thanksgiving) until Christmas!

  • Gobble, Gobble ‘Til You Wobble

    It’s time to gobble, gobble ‘til you wobble.

    Thanksgiving is a great time to connect friends and family. In the spirit of the holiday, we have some great pottery ideas:

    Be Kind

    Be Kind pear platter

    Grandma’s Gobblers

    Grandma's Gobblers handprint platter


    Grateful platter

    Painting is a great activity you can do together to create lasting family memories. We have lots of plates, platters and bowls that would be perfect for serving your Thanksgiving favorites. Cookie plates, platters and message plaques make great hostess gifts.

    If you have an idea for something fun to make for the holiday or need some inspiration, come by the studio or call Gayla at 703/534-7600.

    We hope your holiday is full of friends and family, good food and lots of fun!

  • It’s #NationalPastaDay

    Did you know that October 17 is #NationalPastaDay? It’s a great day to celebrate one of the world’s favorite foods.

    Pasta dates back to 1154 A.D. Italy. In fact, Thomas Jefferson introduced pasta to the Americas after tasting it in Naples, Italy when he was the American Ambassador to France in 1785.

    There are over 600 pasta shapes in the world, each with a different name. Check out #ClayCafeStudios hand-painted pasta bowl for some of our favorites.

    FUN FACT: A typical Italian person eats over 60 lbs. of pasta a year. A typical American eats around 20 lbs. a year. Wow!

    So join us for #NationalPastaDay and come paint a bowl to hold your favorite noodles!

  • Shades of Summer

    When you think of summer, what comes to mind?

    More specifically, what colors and shapes do you see?

    Tastes of Summer Fruit

    Rain Showers


    We have tons of great ideas to make fun summer pottery. Come see us!

  • Father’s Day Gift Ideas

    Are you at a loss on what to get Dad this year?

    If you want to forgo the tie or other traditional presents, we have some great ideas for you. Whether your Dad loves his coffee or cocktail, is a new Dad or likes everything, we have the gift for you.

    Here are some of our favorites:

    Coffee/Cocktail Dad

    Does Dad love coffee? Decorate a mug to tell him how special he is. We also have cappuccino and espresso cups, as well as K-cup dispensers for the Keurig-loving Dad. What about the Dad that likes a cocktail at the end of the day? Paint a wine or martini glass to use for his favorite libation.

    Grilling Dad

    When it’s Dad’s night to cook, does he like to man the grill? Make him a platter for his delicious creations.

    New Dad

    Baby hand and foot prints on pottery are a great idea for new Dads. Commemorate the milestone of your baby’s birth with a mug or plate that he will cherish for a long time.

    Come to Clay Café Studios and let us help you pick out the perfect gift for Dad!

  • Our Favorite Samples at Clay Café Studios

    Customers ask us all the time which projects we like the best. That’s a hard question to answer because we like so many different styles.

    Here are a few of our favorites:



    If you would like to make any of these projects, we will be happy to how you how. These are all easy-to-learn and create.

    They are good for beginners, as well as seasoned painters.

    We hope to see you soon at #ClayCafeStudios!

  • Our Best Spring Ideas

    Spring has sprung, as they say. We love spring around Clay Café Studios. We open the windows and doors and paint, paint, paint!

    Here are a few of our spring ideas:

    Garden Project

    Bright Colors

    Party Plate

    We have tons of other ideas!

    Come see us at #ClayCaféStudios and we’ll help you create a spring masterpiece!

  • 5 Great Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day will be here before we know it. Motherhood is a demanding, exhausting, humbling and rewarding experience. Our Moms do everything for us. Mother’s Day is a day to thank Mom for all those things she does, both big and small, just because she loves us.

    Here are 5 pottery-themed ideas that Mom will love:


    Let’s face it, Moms really like it when we spend time with them. How about a pottery date for you and Mom? It’s a fun and relaxing way to spend the afternoon with each other. The added bonus is that you have a memento from that day.


    For the Mom that is the family gardener, how about painting her a flower pot? Once its fired, you can plant a beautiful lavender plant or the flowers of her choice.


    This is where Dads come in. Why not bring your baby or toddler to our studio and get their handprint or footprint on pottery? This is a special memento that Mom will cherish forever.


    Does your Mom appreciate funny sayings or have a good sense-of-humor? Why not paint her a mug with a clever quote or comment. A couple of popular ones are “Thanks, Mom, I turned out awesome!” and “Don’t talk to Mom until she’s had her coffee.”


    You could paint a plate listing all the things you love about Mom. Tell her why she is remarkable and how you can’t live without her.

    These are just a few ideas for Mother’s Day. Come in to the studio and we can show you more!