• Surface Decoration Techniques on Ceramics Technique Tuesday (Mayco)

  • Get Out of the House and Have a Fun Time Doing Crafts!

    Arts and crafts are fun at every age. If you are feeling a little cooped up in your home due to the weather, you can venture out to make your own pottery here at Clay Café Studios! Keep reading to discover reasons to get out of the house and start doing pottery painting crafts.

    Indulge in Some Well-Deserved “Me” Time

    With work, school, and family life, it’s easy to feel stressed out and overwhelmed every once in a while. Taking some time for yourself is helpful for clearing your mind, reducing stress levels, and feeling rejuvenated. Pottery painting is a great way to clear your mind of what’s bothering you and focus on expressing your creativity to make something beautiful.

    Meet Up with a Friend

    When was the last time you got out of the house to meet up with a friend? If it has been a while, now is a great time to call up a friend and invite her to meet you at a ceramic painting place. As you two work on your pottery, you can catch up on one another’s lives and enjoy quality time together.

    Take Your Special Someone on a Date

    Going on a date is always a great reason to leave the house! Whether you just started dating someone or have been married for years, you can surprise your special someone by inviting him or her on a date to a pottery painting place. You two can work on pottery to give each other once you’re done or collaborate on a piece to display at home.

    Plan a Party

    Parties are typically saved for special events like birthdays, but you can plan a party with a few friends as a good reason to get out of the house. You and your friends are sure to have a great time during a pottery painting party, and it’ll help you spend some time away from home.

    If you’re ready to get out of the house and make your own pottery in Falls Church, VA, visit Clay Café Studios today! Give us a call at (703) 646-6007 to learn more about our pottery painting parties and events.

  • Spring Eggs with Lisa Vogt for Technique Tuesday

  • Pantone Color-of-the-Year

    Every year, the Pantone Color Institute (PCI) chooses their Color-of-the-Year by looking at trends in fashion, art, travel and lifestyle.

    This year’s pick is Classic Blue. According to the analysts at PCI, they believe this color “instills calm, confidence and connection to others.”

    At #ClayCaféStudios, we have the perfect Classic Blue, #Mayco Color’s The Blues.

    Check out some of our pottery using this beautiful color. We love it!

    Pantone color of the year

  • Tribal Vase Technique Tuesday (Bisque Imports)

  • How Painting Pottery Can Benefit Children

    While most children love to draw and color, it never occurs to many parents that their children might also love to paint pottery. Painting pottery is not just fun; it also has a number of potential benefits for children. Here are a few of the reasons you might want to consider bringing your child to a pottery painting class for kids.

    Painting teaches concentration. Since children tend to have a lot of energy, it can be easy for them to become overstimulated and have trouble focusing. Sitting still and painting a design on a piece of pottery teaches children how to concentrate on a single task. Pottery painting is a calming and relaxing activity that allows your child to learn that quiet, patient activities can be as rewarding as running around on the playground.

    Painting allows for self-expression. Children are bursting with the need to express themselves, which is why so many parents’ refrigerators are covered with crayon portraits. The stimulation that comes from creative expression is essential to a child’s mental and emotional development. Pottery painting allows children to express themselves in a new and unusual way and experience the joy that comes from hearing others respond to their work.

    Painting is fulfilling. There is nothing like the sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a work of art by yourself. When your child finishes painting a beautiful and unique piece of pottery, he or she can feel the pride that comes from learning a new skill and the excitement that comes from creating something that is truly theirs.

    At Clay Café Studios in Falls Church, VA, we offer pottery painting opportunities for the entire family to enjoy. Our pottery classes and art camps are the perfect place for your child to learn about the wonders of painting pottery. If you would like to learn more, call (703) 646-6007 to get started today!

  • Spring Cross Tribal Vase Technique Tuesday (Bisque Imports)

  • Our Annual Watch Night Party

    Our Annual Watch Night Party was a roaring success! We stayed open until 11:30 am and offered painting with NO STUDIO FEE. That was a big draw, along with our door prizes.

    We had tons of veteran Clay Café Studios painters, as well as new ones. We are so lucky that some families make this an annual tradition. We love that!

    Join us next December 31 for another fun New Year’s Eve!

  • Farmhouse Feeling Tribal Vase Technique Tuesday (Bisque Imports)

  • Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day

    It’s time to start planning your Valentine’s Day gifts. Don’t give another box of chocolates or tired flowers. How about a gift that lasts forever: pottery.

    Here are a few of our favorites this year:

    Handprint/Footprint Pottery


    Conversation Heart Boxes



    We have lots of creative ideas! Come see us at #ClayCafeStudios!