• Lulu Beats the Heat

  • Why Round Plates are Better

    Does the shape of your plate matter? Surprisingly, it might.

    Did you know that research has confirmed that plate shape can influence consumers’ perceptions of food, especially sweetness. When comparing round vs. square plates, taste perception changes.

    One study found that perceived sweetness was higher on round plates than square ones. In fact, intensity and quality were also rated higher on round plates.

    Just some fun facts for you! We have many styles and sizes of round plates, as well as square ones, at #ClayCafeStudios. Come on by and check us out!

  • How to Make Your Own Dinnerware Set

    How to Make Your Own Dinnerware Set

    Do you love the thought of a coordinated, pretty dinner table? Have you been unable to find dishes that you like? Have you ever considered making your own?

    There are tons of modern and stylish dinnerware that are popular these days. Here are few we like:

    Solids in Trendy Colors

    Polka Dots or Stripes



    At #ClayCafeStudios, we can help you customize your own set to fit your family’s needs. Be sure to ask us about our set discounts!

  • Shades of Summer

    When you think of summer, what comes to mind? More specifically, what colors and shapes do you see?

    At #ClayCafeStudios, colors such as coral, caribbean blue, jade, kiwi green and sunshine yellow pepper our summer palette.

    Summer is a great time for beach pottery. Popular shapes we carry include sailboat chip-n-dip platters, flip-flop plates, coral reef bowls and shell boxes.

    Using silk screens and rubber stamps, you can create cool underwater scenes.

    When it’s just too hot outside, or maybe on a rainy day, come see us at Clay Café to create fun summer pottery. We promise our air conditioning will be on full blast!