Soup to Nuts: How to Make School Auction Pottery

It’s that time of year for school auctions. #Fingerprintpottery is a great way to net your school a lot of money. Parents love anything their kids create and bright, hand-painted pottery can help fund important programs. Let us show you how it works at #ClayCafeStudios.

Step 1: Pick Out Your Pottery

Platters, large bowls and vases are popular items for auctions. Fingerprints are a great way for an entire class to contribute their talent. We have lots of ideas and would be happy to help you decide on a design that will get the bidding going at your school auction.

Step 2: Take Pottery to School for Kids to Paint

We will loan you several colors of paint and help you plan your project. You take the pottery and paint to your school and complete the project with the kids.

Step 3: We Do Finishing Details

Once you bring the piece back to our studio, we would be happy to do the finishing details, including any writing you would like. We will glaze and fire it in our kiln.

Step 4: Pick Up Your Finished Masterpiece

You pottery will be ready for pick-up in one week.

Give us a call or come by #ClayCafeStudios anytime and we will help you make plans to make your school top dollar this year!