Have You Seen Our #ColoringBook Pottery?

When you think of coloring, what usually comes to mind is a kids’ activity, right? Not true anymore! Adult coloring books are all the rage. Researchers, art therapists and psychologists believe the calming effect of coloring is a huge benefit to adults. It can reduce anxiety and alleviate the daily stresses of life.

Here at #ClayCafeStudios, we have taken the coloring book craze to a new level—coloring book pottery. We take a coloring book design, transfer it to a piece of pottery, fire the design to make it permanent and its ready for you to “color” (paint).

So many choices, so little time…you won’t believe the great selection of different shapes and sizes to choose from.

Custom Coloring Book Pottery

You can also special order a design and we will call you when it’s ready to paint (in about 1 week). Personalized pottery by adding a name or sentiment to the design makes a great gift.

We transfer new designs every day, so stop by to see the latest options. We can also help you plan your next project!