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    Have you tried glass fusing yet? Here are some simple, fun projects to try #glassfusing

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  • 8 Reasons Having a #Hobby is Important

    A hobby is an activity you enjoy, something that can enhance your well-being and give more meaning to your life. Just as physical exercise is important for the body, relaxation of the mind is also essential.

    Our friends at ThinkLink.com listed 8 reasons why having a hobby is important:

    1. As a remedy for fatigue

    2. As a chance to connect with yourself

    3. As a alternative career option

    4. As a life-long pleasure

    5. As a independent and intrinsic source of pleasure

    6. As a means to discover and re-discover your talents

    7. As a chance to meet people of similar taste

    8. As a chance to share

    Come into #ClayCafeStudios, and relax your afternoon away. You’ll find that #potterypainting and #glassfusing make great hobbies!

  • January is #NationalHobbyMonth!

    January is #NationalHobbyMonth and we’ve got lots to choose from! Hobbies sometimes get pushed to the side in our busy schedules, but experts say that hobbies are more important than we might think. Hobbies help you have a more positive outlook, enhance your creativity and boost your confidence.

    It’s a great time to engage in your hobby! And if you don’t have a hobby or are looking for a new one, we can help you find one. #ClayCafeStudios has art projects for kids, adults, families, seniors, group and much, much more. Our staff can help you refine your skills or find skill you didn’t even know you had. Our studio features #potterypainting and #glassfusing. Come celebrate with us!