NEW Glass Fusing Parties

Have you or your kids tried glass fusing? Have you thought that maybe it’s too hard for kids? Not true! In fact, after much demand, we have decided to launch glass fusing parties.

Glass fusing is the process of melting 2 or more colors of glass in a kiln. You make a design in various colors. We then melt it in our kiln to create your beautiful glass masterpiece.

As with the pottery painting parties we offer, our glass fusing parties can be scheduled any day of the week and are appropriate for anyone 6 years and older.

Fused Glass Parties are for 1 ½ hours, with time available for cake and/or pizza, if desired. There is a 10-person, 10-fused piece minimum.

We have 3 project choices for the all-inclusive price of $25 per person:

  1. Nightlight
  2. Suncatcher
  3. 6” Trivet

Instruction, glass and hardware are included in the $25 price. There is no additional studio fee.

We are excited to add glass fusing parties a another great addition to our popular birthday party choices.

Please call Gayla at 703-646-6007 for more information or to book a party today Glass Parties .