This has nothing to do with pottery, but we think it’s cool

It’s that time of year where we have begun spending lots of time outdoors. Giving your patio or deck a facelift is a great way to start the summer season. We found some simple DIY projects to help you do just that, and no, they aren’t pottery … we just think they’re cool!

DIY Outdoor Canvas Rug

Using a simple drop cloth, paint a pretty rug to put under an outdoor table or lounge chair.
All it takes is the canvas, some paint and you’re on your way!

DIY Decorated Flowerpot

There are many easy ways spruce up a flowerpot. You can decoupage, acrylic paint or mosaic decorative patterns that will showcase your plants.




DIY Fused Glass Candle Holder

When you are sitting out on your patio or deck at dusk, it’s nice to have a little light and a way to keep the mosquitos away. Candleholders can fill both those needs. Watch this video on how to create a beautiful candleholder.

You can make this project at Clay Café Studios. Click here to learn more about glass fusing.

Summer, here we come!