Behind the Scenes of a Creative Mind:

Clay Cafe Studios is a creative business and as such, has attracted many creative individuals over the past 18 years. We love to get to know our customers and as a result, we have gained some interesting insights into their lives and passions.

We plan to occasionally highlight some of these innovative people in our weekly blog and share their creativity. We interviewed author Jason Helford who has published two books and has some other intriguing projects in the works.

What made you choose writing as a creative outlet?

Writing kind of chose me. It started out as lots of bizarre ideas and stories that would just pop into my head from strangely vivid dreams and daydreams, or just out of nowhere. When I was around 10, I started writing some of these stories at home for fun, but just for myself. After college, I took some advanced level courses and realized, with some time to hone my craft, I could actually be a writer. So, that’s what I did, and now I am one.
How would you classify your genre of writing?

Initially, that was actually very tough for me to figure out, since I mix genres quite a lot in my work. The nearest I can figure is Dark Urban Fantasy Literary Fiction.

What inspires and influences you?

As for inspiration, everything: comics, movies, news, a momentary thought, an event, conflating interests. I find that I get my ideas from lots of sources. My influences are all centered around originality and creativity. I love things that trod new ground and stick out like a creative sore thumb.

Do you have anything in the works you want to share?

I am currently working on two new projects. The first is a novel set in the future where the planet is beset with a technological calamity that threatens everyone. The second is a serial I am finalizing called Catalyst Jane. It’s part magic, part detective/mystery and part plain old weird.

Stephen King or Dean Koontz? Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? Marvel or DC comics?

I loved The Stand. Definitely Stephen King. I have to go with Lord of the Rings because it brings back great childhood reading memories, and I loved the moves, too (no knock on Harry Potter, it was a close one). Make mine Marvel…but I love DC, too. As an equal-opportunity comic lover, that’s kind of like asking me if I prefer my left or right ear…I need them both!

Check out Jason’s website for more details about his books at or visit his Author Page on Just remember to keep the lights on when you read his books. Follow Jason on Twitter @jasonhelford.