Leave the Apples for the Worms

It’s that time of year when parents are looking for teacher gifts. Thanking someone who is an integral part of your child’s life is important. A little appreciation goes a long way. While you could give them a gift certificate to a store or restaurant or perhaps something apple- or teacher-related, why not give them a handmade, personalized gift from Clay Café Studios?

Fingerprint/Handprint Pottery

We have tons of cute ideas using fingerprints and handprints at Clay Café Studios. Kids of any age can paint their prints on a plate or mug and make them into animals, insects, people or other cute figures. Personalize the pottery with the teacher’s name, school and year. It’s easy and fun to do and produces beautiful results.

Message Pottery

Another great way to thank a teacher is to make message pottery. Paint a quote from your child or a heartfelt thank you message. Nice sayings like “Thanks for helping us grow” and “Thank you for teaching me” are sweet touches. You could also paint a mug saying “Mrs. _____, World’s Greatest Teacher” or “We Love You, Mrs. _____.” At Clay Café Studios, we have tools that make lettering easy when creating that special gift.

Gift Certificate to Clay Café Studios

Instead of giving a gift certificate to a restaurant or the mall, how about one for a fun activity? Painting pottery gives the painter a creative outlet which helps them relieve stress and relax. What a nice thing to do for a teacher as a thank you for the endless hours they spend with our children.

Any of these ideas are easy to make. Give us a call (703/646-6007) or stop by Clay Café Studios anytime and we will show you how to make gifts that are both unique and practical