Community Engagement at its Best

When we talk about community engagement, what do we mean? Is it donating to local school auctions ( we do that ), participating in fundraisers by giving a portion to a specific group ( we do that ), or giving military discounts ( and we do that too ).

While we believe it is all those things, we also think it is something else. Let me illustrate by telling you a story.

A couple, newly dating, came in to paint pottery one day. They were very sweet, friendly and had a great time together. They visited Clay Café Studios regularly over the next few months. One day, the guy contacted us to see if he could set up a dinner and painting night to propose to his girl. Of course, we said yes! Cut to a couple of years later. The couple comes in to paint—with their new baby! They painted their baby’s handprints on a plate for a fun memory.

Families graciously let us into their lives and share their special moments with us. Being a part of the community for over 18 years, we see children grow up, starting as young campers or having their birthday parties at Clay Café Studios. They go off to college and come back to visit us as adults, bringing their own families with them. Since we are fortunate enough to be a business that has been in the same place for so long, our connection to families spans generations.

Now, that’s what we call community engagement! Aren’t we lucky?

Please call Gayla at Clay Cafe (703-646-6007) if you have any questions or visit our website.