Why Kids Should Attend Art Camp at Clay Cafe Studios

We all agree that attending a summer camp is a good activity for kids, right? There are all kinds of camps available these days: sports, science, computer, sleep-away and our favorite — art. We are developing our summer art curriculum for our 19th season of Claymagination Art Camp at Clay Cafe Studios.

Most kids love art. All types. Painting, drawing, molding and crafting. We have always had a “reach for the stars” mentality at our Clay Cafe summer art camp. Kids are capable of so much more than we often give them credit for. They have an unending curiosity about the world around them and will try most anything. We like to give them the opportunity to exercise their creativity and try new things at Clay Cafe Studios’ Claymagination Art Camp.

We foster creativity by teaching kids to explore the possibilities in many different mediums. We want our students to really stretch themselves. Instead of just painting a piece of pottery, we teach them to use stamps, stencils, tape and other tools to take their creations to the next level. Only pottery painting? Why not form their piece out of clay first?

Kids Enjoy other Fired Arts like Glass Fusing

We believe kids as young as 6 have the ability to design glass and make beautiful works of art. Kids experience the fun of creating something unique using some kid-friendly techniques developed by the art camp teachers at Clay Cafe Studios.

Kids Explore Mosaics, Canvas, and Watercolor

We teach all of these art forms, and encourage kids to hone their skills and to have fun while doing it. We want kids to develop a lifetime love of art and to feel empowered to make more art after they attend our camp.

Yes, we want them to reach for the stars.

For more information about the summer art camp program at Clay Cafe Studios and to learn more about other creative opportunities for your child, visit our website or give us a call at (703) 646-6007.