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Best Father's Day Gift Guide

Are you wondering what to get Dad this year? Here at Clay Café Studios, we have lots of great ideas for you. Whether your Dad is a sportsman or hobbyist, a new Dad or likes everything, we have ...
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Current Trends at Clay Cafe Studios

At Clay Cafe Studios, we see new trends in art all the time. Some stick around for a while. Some have a shorter life span. Four current trends in the pottery world seem to have staying power. ...
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Don't Forget Mother's Day

Mother’s Day will be here soon! We all know motherhood is demanding, exhausting, humbling and, of course, rewarding. Why not show Mom how much you appreciate everything she does by painting her ...
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Check Out Our Instagram!

Did you know that #ClayCafeStudios is on Instagram? Instagram is a fun and quirky social networking app made for sharing photos and videos. Clay Café has added some funky and inspiring photos ...
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Artists we Admire

What draws us to art? Why do we prefer one style to another? Everyone interprets art in their own way. Some artists illustrate reflection and optimism. Others encourage us with their groundbreaking ...
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Soup to Nuts: How to Make School Auction Pottery

It's that time of year for school auctions. #Fingerprintpottery is a great way to net your school a lot of money. Parents love anything their kids create and bright, hand-painted pottery can help ...
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Have You Seen Our #ColoringBook Pottery?

When you think of coloring, what usually comes to mind is a kids’ activity, right? Not true anymore! Adult coloring books are all the rage. Researchers, art therapists and psychologists believe ...
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Don't Miss What's Trending on Pinterest!

Did you know that #ClayCafeStudios is on Pinterest? Pinterest is considered the go to destination for inspiration and ideas about what you care about. Clay Cafe has added some fun and inspiring ...
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8 Reasons Having a #Hobby is Important

A hobby is an activity you enjoy, something that can enhance your well-being and give more meaning to your life. Just as physical exercise is important for the body, relaxation of the mind is also ...
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January is #NationalHobbyMonth!

January is #NationalHobbyMonth and we’ve got lots to choose from! Hobbies sometimes get pushed to the side in our busy schedules, but experts say that hobbies are more important than we might ...
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Before and After Pottery

Have you ever needed a gift but didn't know what to buy? Ever decided to give pottery you painted but couldn't think of a design? When starting with a plain white piece of pottery, it's ...
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#ClayCafeStudios Out and About at Area Schools

For many years, #ClayCafeStudios has been teaching after-school art enrichment classes in the local schools. Two schools where we currently teach are Kent Gardens Elementary and Haycock Elementary, ...
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Did You Know That #Pottery is the Traditional Gift for your 8th or 9th Anniversary?

Depending on where you live, #pottery is the traditional gift for either your 8th or 9th anniversary. Why pottery? The history behind the gift is that pottery is a source of continuing sustenance. The ...
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3 Date Night Pottery Ideas at #ClayCafeStudios

Are you bored with the typical date night “dinner and a movie?” Whether you are on a first date or married and need a night out with your spouse, you are probably looking for something fun ...
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3 Ways Clay Cafe Can Make Your Holiday Bright

Yes, we know. It’s not even Halloween yet and we are talking about Christmas. Yikes! However, it’s never too early to get started on your #handmadeholidays at #ClayCaféStudios. ...
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It's #NationalPastaDay

Did you know that October 17 is #NationalPastaDay? It's a great day to celebrate one of the world's favorite foods. Pasta dates back to 1154 A.D. Italy. In fact, Thomas Jefferson introduced ...
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Gobble, Gobble 'Til You Wobble

It’s time to gobble, gobble ‘til you wobble. Thanksgiving is a great time to connect with friends and family. In the spirit of the holiday, here are some things you can do together. ...
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Stepping Up Your Halloween

Get in the Halloween spirit with our pottery, food/drink and DIY ideas. Pottery Do you dread pulling out your old decorations from last year (and the year before…)? Why not punch up your ...
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It's National Pancake Day!

Guess what today is? September 26 is National Pancake Day. Just saying that makes us smile. Who doesn't love pancakes? Archeological evidence suggests that pancakes were probably the earliest and ...
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DIY Kitchen Backsplash Video

Clay Cafe Studios presents a step-by-step DIY kitchen backsplash project for your inspiration.
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