• Gare’s 3D Water Droplets Video

  • Gare’s Citrus Slice Texture Video

  • New Glass Fusing Ideas

    Have you tried glass fusing?

    It’s super-easy and fun-to-do for kids and adults.

    We have lots of new ideas and samples to give your creativity a boost.

    Here are a few of our favorites:

    No experience or appointment necessary. Come see us!

  • Gare’s Marble Technique Made Easy Video

  • Father’s Day Gift Ideas

    Are you at a loss on what to get Dad this year?

    If you want to forgo the tie or other traditional presents, we have some great ideas for you. Whether your Dad loves his coffee or cocktail, is a new Dad or likes everything, we have the gift for you.

    Here are some of our favorites:

    Coffee/Cocktail Dad

    Does Dad love coffee? Decorate a mug to tell him how special he is. We also have cappuccino and espresso cups, as well as K-cup dispensers for the Keurig-loving Dad. What about the Dad that likes a cocktail at the end of the day? Paint a wine or martini glass to use for his favorite libation.

    Grilling Dad

    When it’s Dad’s night to cook, does he like to man the grill? Make him a platter for his delicious creations.

    New Dad

    Baby hand and foot prints on pottery are a great idea for new Dads. Commemorate the milestone of your baby’s birth with a mug or plate that he will cherish for a long time.

    Come to Clay Café Studios and let us help you pick out the perfect gift for Dad!

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