10 Reasons Why a Paint-Your-Own-Pottery Studio is Perfect for Off-Site Field Trips and On-Site Events

It’s that time again when schools, daycares and not-for-profit organizations search for off-site field trip destinations and on-site event ideas. This year, the Contemporary Ceramic Studios Association (CCSA) is inviting planners to try some new, fun, educational and memorable activities at their local paint-your-own pottery studio (PYOP) or by inviting that  PYOP to come to them.

According to the CCSA, there are 10 key reasons why PYOP studios are perfect for your field trip and events:

10 key reasons

  1. Activities can be customized for your group, such as an element of their art program or “art week.”
  2. PYOP studio owners are available to provide guidance, advice and support to ensure a flawless, fun experience for all involved.
  3. All materials and step-by-step instructions are provided by trained and friendly studio hosts.
  4. Participants get to keep a unique keepsake of the experience.
  5. PYOP staff takes care of all clean-up.
  6. PYOP studios have a comfortable and creative indoor environment.
  7. PYOP studios are typically located in areas that offer plenty of free parking.
  8. CCSA-member PYOP studios meet ADA compliance standards.
  9. Planners can take pictures of the event of field trip, which are perfect for publishing in newsletters and sharing on social media.
  10. PYOP studios are typically run by small business owners – many of them families- who have deep roots in the local area. Businesses, organizations and schools that support PYOP studios are strengthening their communities.

“The most common feedback we receive from event and field trip planners is: I wish we had discovered PYOP studios years ago!” commented Dena Pearlman, CCSA’s executive director. “The good news is that it is never too late to think outside of the box and try something different, and perhaps start a great new tradition.”

Clay Café Studios is a proud member of the CCSA.
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